Asia. Often viewed as a mystical and exotic place by those of us in the West who don’t live there—despite it being home to most of the world’s population. 

We tend to see it as a continent defined by picturesque vacation spots, stunning natural landscapes, rich history, and numerous intriguing myths and legends.

In reality, Asia is a vast area where literally billions of people live their everyday lives, much like anyone else in any other part of the world. However, there is some truth to its mystique

Some call it folklore. Others refer to them as nothing more than inventions of the mind.

But regardless of how people view them, these tales of Asian cryptids often speak of horrifying demons and elusive creatures that some locals still claim to exist. In fact, these stories have been shared among Asian communities for centuries.

Even today, locals warn their children—and tourists curious enough to stay and listen—about these bizarre cryptids.

Here is a comprehensive list we put together with all known Asian cryptids:

Whether you believe in the authenticity of these warnings or not, it is always wise to listen to earnest, well-meaning locals while traveling.