“Is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream?” said Edgar Allan Poe. 

Every day, stories of the paranormal flood our screens and headlines—part of the daily diet in pop culture and media. But let’s be honest, much of this is just for show. 

You, us, and all the fans of the paranormal out there are constantly bombarded with a barrage of information, much of it dubious and based on unsubstantiated claims

This deluge not only distorts genuine parapsychology but also provides fertile ground for fake mediums to exploit public fascination. As a result, the real study of paranormal phenomena often gets overshadowed by sensationalism and spectacle.

At SpookySight, the Parapsychology category is all about investigating the strange, bizarre realm of psychic phenomena and studying the unexplained forces of the mind. But we do it differently.

Our focus is on what’s actually documented. The academic study of parapsychology—and all connected & established phenomena such as clairvoyance, psychokinesis, telepathy, precognition, and more. 

We analyze the extrasensory perception, what’s real and what’s not, and we try to raise some valid questions: 

And here’s something else to think about: What if there is truth to the stories of individuals who claim to see the future or communicate thoughts without a word spoken? How would it change our understanding of human potential?

While these topics often meet with skepticism, there’s no denying they also broaden our horizons about what might—or might not—be possible in the human experience.